Providing free technical support is not easy - without any money coming in we find it very difficult to settle our monthly expenses. We don't display advertisements on our website, making your user experience better. With your generous donation, you can help fund our cause and we can continue to provide free technical support to people all around the world. Your money will be spent on one of the following:

  • Electricity bill for our servers
  • Office 365 Subscriptions for staff
  • Upgraded server hardware
  • Phone line payments
  • Stationary (paper, pens ect)
  • Advertising
  • Development - more website features

We really appreciate any donations received - any amount will greatly help us in funding our cause. After a donation has been received, you will be personally contacted by the founder of LuckVintage via email or phone to thank you! We will give you the option of having your name and amount donated published to the Donators section of the website - so you can have the recognition deserved. 

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