Our Chrome Extension

Our Chrome Extension:

Our team have developed a basic Google Chrome Extension that has been published in the Chrome Web Store. You can download and use this extension for free by clicking on the button below.

Instructions for Use:

Simply click on the LVTS icon when installed and you will be prompted with a menu. Just click on the link you would like to visit and it will open in a new tab. More features will be developed shortly.

Version History:

13/01/2020 – Version 1.3: Fixed a bug where the extension would not load.

13/01/2020 – Version 1.2: Major Updates have been released - a menu for the extension is now available, allowing access to other links rather than just the homepage. The description of the extension has also been amended to include these new features.

09/01/2020 – Version 1.1: The description of the extension has been updated.

09/01/2020 – Version 1.0: The extension has been created and very basic functionality is available. We plan to add more features later on in 2020.

Known Issues:

There are currently no known issues with our extension. Please let us know if you discover one!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Do you really provide free technical support?

Answer: Yes, we aim to provide a premium style support service for free. We are funded on donations.

Question: How often will you update this extension?

Answer: There will be an update to the extension every couple of months or when an issue is detected.

Question: Does this extension track my usage and / or collect any of my personal data?

Answer: No, this extension does not and will never track usage or collect any of your personal information.