We no longer provide a helpdesk service

We no longer provide a heldesk service:

Published on 19th February 2021

Since 2017, LuckVintage Technical Support has been providing users all around the globe with unlimited access to technical support entirely free of charge via a helpdesk on our website. Unfortunately, with much regret we have came to the decision that we must discontinue the use of this helpdesk system.

We have made this challenging decision on the basis that the helpdesk was not being utilized, nor was it sustainable to keep active in the long run. With the brand-new release of our next-generation Forum Community, and with the current circumstances taken into deep consideration, we endeavor to make this our new focal point.

If you are still in need of technical assistance, our friendly Forum Community is always eager to help!

We understand how disappointing this decision is, however, it is crucial that we take the most suitable action. We hope that this decision is short-term and can be reversed in the subsequent future when the time is more appropriate.

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