Remote Support

Need Help Now?

If you have an immediate problem we can remotely connect to your system to diagnose any issues or talk you through how to accomplish whatever task you are having problems with.

If you are using Windows 10 we find Quick Assist works very well. This software is built into Windows 10 and requires no other software to be downloaded. Simply open the start menu and type Quick Assist as shown below:

Once Quick Assist launches, you should see a screen similar to the one below:

Once you have received code, you should enter it in the box to start your remote session.

You will receive a prompt asking for your permission to share your screen. We will then be able to view your screen and take control of your system to help out with any issues you are facing, but you can end the session at any time.

This procedure will only allow a one-time access to your system so your security is assured.

You can find more information about Quick Assist on Microsoft’s Website

Quick Assist Will Only Run On Windows 10:

If you need support on an earlier version of Windows you can Download TeamViewer. This works on PCs and Mobile/Tablet devices also.